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Investment Portfolio Management

Patriot Asset Management, Inc. understands that your needs, risk tolerances and goals are unique. Your investment portfolio will reflect those distinctive requirements. We do not use model asset allocations and fit you into a certain model. We build your portfolio specifically for your needs and create your own asset allocation. Your Investment Policy Statement will be used as our guide to create your portfolio.

Portfolio Development and Monitoring

Once the Investment Policy Statement is created and agreed upon, we develop an asset allocation that provides appropriate exposure to various asset classes. We believe that strategic asset allocation is the most important factor in determining the risk and return of your portfolio over time.

Patriot Asset uses no-load mutual funds and commission-free exchange traded funds (ETFs) to develop your investment portfolio. This allows us to obtain the proper diversification across a wide range of asset classes. Both passive and actively managed funds are used. Individual equity and fixed income securities will be used where appropriate. Exposure to commodities, real estate and other alternative investments is also achieved using mutual funds and ETFs.

Through our relationship with Charles Schwab and Schwab Institutional, we have access to over 10,000 mutual funds across many mutual fund providers that charge no transaction fee and no loads. We also have access to over 300 ETFs that charge no commission or transaction fee. This allows us to obtain diversification at the lowest possible costs. The mutual funds and ETFs used by Patriot Asset go through a selection process and are constantly reviewed and monitored for performance and cost.

Once your portfolio is developed and in place, the asset allocation is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. Your portfolio will be re-balanced as required. Communication with the client is an important part of the relationship. We encourage our clients to communicate with us regarding changes in their tax status, risk tolerance and their long and short term goals.