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Our Approach

At Patriot Asset, we understand that each client is unique and so are your needs. Your investment portfolio should also be unique. Patriot Asset does not use an asset allocation model and fit you into a certain model and allocation. We build an investment portfolio that meets your specific goals and risk tolerances. Our approach is customized to each client’s needs and our goal is to provide the highest level of personalized service.

Prior to any money being invested, we develop a clear understanding of your risk tolerances, goals and time horizon. Using that information, we develop a portfolio with the appropriate mix of assets. We use mutual funds and commission-free exchange traded funds (ETFs) to ensure exposure to various sectors and asset classes in the market. 

Once the portfolio is in place, we continuously monitor the assets and the allocation of your portfolio. Your portfolio is re-balanced when necessary to maintain the proper asset mix.

Clients that use our service include:

  • Individuals close to retirement and looking for guidance and management of their pre-retirement investments
  • Individuals who want an prudent, objective and disciplined approach used to build wealth in their investment portfolios
  • Retired and concerned about maintaining their standard of living
  • Recipients of inherited assets or other financial assets

Patriot Asset provides personalized, independent investment management services where YOUR needs always come first!